Google AI Challenge (Galcon)

I'm having a go at the AI challenge over here it's being organized by the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club and sponsored by Google.  

The task is to make a bot that can play a random game of Galcon ( so far my bot is doing just OK ( I've got the core architecture sorted out and am slowly working on the correct decisions to be made based on the metrics I'm deriving from the state of play. Honestly if I finish in the top 100 I'll be ecstatic, there's some really talented guys in the competition.

Anyway they have a couple of visualizers which are nice (i.e. but I thought what if I made a visualizer with Unity.  It's a pretty good engine for doing stuff like this. So the next few posts will be me chronicling my development of a Galcon visualizer via Unity.

google AI thumb




Download the latest zip packages here:

Windows here.

Mac here.

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